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Good Posture = Healthy Spine

Many hip and knee problems are a result of chronically poor posture. Almost none of us are taught how to use our bodies properly. We don't come with instruction manuals. So as time goes on, the inefficient habits we develop as children and teenagers become permanent.

Lack of a healthy diet prevents the lubricating tissues of the hip and knee joints from receiving key nutrients. Lack of proper joint lubrication causes osteoarthritis. Lack of regular exercise inhibits normal joint motion and normal joint nutrition and lubrication, leading to the development of degenerative joint disease.

When you add up faulty biomechanics, lack of a healthy diet, and lack of proper exercise, the result is a prescription for chronic hip and knee problems. Hips, knees, and ankles are all weight-bearing joints. These joints are big and strong and have many surfaces on which to distribute the substantial mechanical loads which are placed on them throughout the day. But these joints don't last forever and, like all living systems, they will eventually begin to age and break down.

Chiropractic care helps balance weight-bearing loads in the spinal column. The immediate result is improved spinal biomechanics, which benefits all the other weight-bearing joints in the body, particularly the hips, knees, and ankle.  Also, achieving good posture is not that difficult. Work is required, of course, as well as consistent attention. Most of our daily activity against good posture. Driving in traffic jams for hours, or sitting for hours in front of the computer. Chiropractic care helps you restore good posture by relieving mechanical stress strains and by causing your musculoskeletal system to become more flexible and resilient.


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