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E & O

Phone: 021 2902 3418

A unique collaboration between the acclaimed chef Will Meirick of the award-winning Sarong and Mamasan restaurants and the creators of Loewy and Union, E & O (Easter & Oriental) is the exciting result of the energy and creativity of passionate & dedicated individuals, driven by shared purpose to create a new standard in Asian dining. 

Eclectic Resto & Bar

Eclectic Restaurant and bar located in Cilandak townsquare, the concept is combiningeast and west culture in one roof. Their speciality is Aunthentic East Java food; Rujak cingur, Paru pedas, lodeh ikan pei. This place has open bar terrace where serving funky cocktails. 

Acoustic and DJ spinning available on the weekend. 

Urban Spot for Hang Out, Casual Dining & Fine Cocktails. Info & RSVP: BBM 222862DE - Phone 021-75920292 - Instagram  - Path : Eclectic Jakarta

Cilandak Town Square - GF D048



Eggnest is a name born from an intention to tell a story: a story about a warm home to a magnificent creature with a dream to roam the world through the clear blue skies. It represents two qualities that we would wish you to enjoy in our restaurant, the feeling of enjoying great dining in your own home and the sensation of exploring various delicious dining temptations from around the world. It is an experience that we are sure will be loved by many.

El Asador

El Asador bases its whole culinary philosophy on the Latin asado method and indeed the parrilla (grill) here is the most attraction of the meet grilling technique with an open fire. The restaurant is dominated by raw bricks and wooden ornament. The smell of the grilled meat from the parrilla assured us that we were actually in a grill house. The El Asador’s parrilla is definitely the restaurant’s central focal point and gets its own personal chamber, right next to the bar. Fuelled by wood, the adjustable grill here is a true testament to this superb South American cooking technique.


EL GRECO Greek Restaurant

EL GRECO is a Greek Restaurant in Jakarta

Setiabudi Building Kuningan

Elysee Restaurant & Wine Bar (CLOSED)

Elysée Restaurant & Wine Bar breaks the stereotype that ‘French diner is expensive and reserved for special occasion only’. Chef Patrick strives to share the French dining experience and in his opinion, it does not have to be expensive or burn a hole in your wallet to dine in one. It is reasonably priced compared to most of its competitors in Jakarta.

Emilie French Restaurant & Bar

En Japanese Dining Bar

En Okonomiyaki Dining

Energy Cafe

Enmaru Indonesia

Come try Izakaya dining style at Enmaru while enjoying a bird’s eye view of Jakarta. Originally a style of eating where one sits down for sake after a long day of work, Enmaru is enhancing the experience of devouring delicious pub food. Get together in a modern, lively ambiance set in traditional Japanese decor in the heart of the city. Whether you just want to enjoy a great, freshly prepared food or ending a long day, Enmaru makes sure that the best meal is served at your table.

Entrada Restobar

No need to go too far from the SCBD area to get Spanish tapas. Strategically located at 18 Parc building, easy to reach also from Gunawarman street. A new tempting resto with list of yummy food. Do not miss to try out the dessert Churros con Chocolat, there is heaven lies in that cute churros.

Epilogue Restaurant

Espiga Indonesia (CLOSET)

Espiga Indonesia is a casual  modern dining restaurant with a mission to provide guests the highest best of service consistently. Located in the CEO tower in South Jakarta, Espiga is ready to make a special moment with your loved ones, with special dinner accompanied with the warmth of the beautiful city atmosphere of twilight.

Euphoria Wine & Dine


Exodus 7 Lounge

Exodus 7 Lounge is at 7th floor of the gigantic Kuningan City. With a wooden and rustic iron interior, centre island open kitchen, this lounge also has an alfresco terrace. In the menu, a variety of Asian flavours such as Sushi, Sashimi, a host of Tempura and Dim Sum plus Indonesian favorites that are worth leaving room.

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